When I made my first batch of pudding shots in 2013, I immediately declared that I would never eat a jello shot again. Pudding shots are the perfect combination of a tasty dessert, and a fun alcoholic beverage. They will be a huge hit at any party. The flavor combinations are endless. It is my mission to come up with as many flavors as I possibly can, and to share the good ones with you. As a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, I have also created each recipe to be just 2 smartpoints (and 52-56 calories) per serving, if you make 22-24 shots per batch.* So, you can enjoy a few delicious alcoholic treats without blowing your smartpoints budget.
Of course, if you are not counting points or calories, feel free to use regular pudding, whipped topping and milk in place of my fat free or sugar free versions.


*I calculated the smartpoints using Weight Watcher’s recipe builder tool. This is definitely not an endorsement, and pudding shots are not ACTUALLY “healthy,” unfortunately. For best results, you should calculate your own smartpoint totals.

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  1. Hi! What size pudding box (ounces) do you use for your recipes? And also what size tub of whipped topping? (they come in 8 oz, 16 oz)
    Thank you so much!


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